1 in 4 people will suffer with stress, anxiety or low mood this year

Feeling good and coping well is more than the absence of psychological problems.  To flourish in life you need to engage in a number of different activities.  Research shows us that there are 5 simple things you can do every day that will make significant changes to your well-being.  

This straight forward course will teach you what to focus on.  It could save you time, money and a whole lot of bother in the future.

Build a healthier and more confident version of your self

Start Your 5 Part Course
  • Improve your Mood and increase Positive Feelings

    Discover how to feel more content, curious, excited and optimistic by changing what you do day to day

  • Cope better with life's demands

    Find out what actions make you more resilient to the impact of stress, disappointment, frustration and loss

  • Build self-confidence

    Focus on what you can do to feel better about your self

  • Increase your Health and Performance

    Take action to boost your energy and sharpen your focus

Take a look at the course in more detail

  • Lesson 1

    Discover what you can do to strengthen your relationships and reduce feelings of isolation

  • Lesson 2

    Identify small steps you can take to boost your energy levels

  • Lesson 3

    Find out what you can do to slow down your mind when it gets busy

  • Lesson 4

    Generate a list of actions that will build your confidence

  • Lesson 5

    Build your empathy skills so that you tune-in to what others need more effectively

You won't need to tell your life story to get the help you need.

You'll focus on strategies that have been proven to help many people around the world, which saves you time and gives you confidence that what you'll do has a much higher probability of making a difference.

The course is easy to follow and we expect you'll feel relieved at how simple it is to take the lessons.

You can take this course anywhere and anytime (as long as you have an internet connection).

You can go at your own pace.  So, if life gets busier and you can't make it when the next lesson comes out, you'll be able to catch up when you are ready.

This isn't the same old stuff you've seen before.  Instead, we hope you'll feel engaged, excited and energised by what you are learning.